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Configure your pickup truck to meet your own needs for every day use and weekend adventures

The interative 3D Configurator gives a much higher level of detail, including interactive changes of angle, perspectives, zooms in and out, 360 views, changing colours, and a choice of pickup brands. It offers much more in terms of involvement and time-on-page than static pictures. 

how to configure your pickup truck?

The interactive 3D Configurator is very intuitive to use. To get the best experience quickly go through Step 1-2 beneath. 


Choose your favourite Mountain Top pickup truck accessories.
You need to select a tonneau cover before you can add Cargo Carriers and Sports Bar.


Choose the color of your pickup truck.
Choose the color of your Mountain Top products.

What does the Icons means?

Mountain Top Interactive 3D Configurator

Explore all the features available in our Interactive 3D Configurator. Choose our free look feature for a 360 spin or get the best preset camera angels. 

Hand: Free look  – choose your own 360 view

Magnifier: Zoom in 

Camera: Preset camera angels

Play: Preset video

Plus: Helpers to show where you can open/close the products. Click to switch off

Sun: Change backgrounds

don't miss out

Make sure to visit our Interactive 3D Configurator occasionally

To give you the ultimate real time experience, we constantly work to improve our responsive 3D configurator with new engaging features. We’re always interested to hear from you with any good ideas of improvement – Get in touch.

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