who we are

Mountain Top - Quality driven

A pickup truck is a personal statement: it’s about being rugged, independent and free to explore the world. That’s why pickup owners are demanding about the design, quality and functionality of every detail; because it’s a part of who they are. And only the best will do.

We respect that. That’s why our covers and accessories always stand up to the toughest scrutiny and keep performing even in the harshest environments. Because we do it right: The combination of experience, hands-on expertise and the latest auto-industry certified production facilities means we globally deliver consistently high-quality parts that don’t just look great, but are built to be used. Out there, outback, in the real world.

By opening new plants around the globe, we’re able to deliver faster local service while cutting down transport emissions; by developing smarter, leaner processes and products we’re helping our OEM customers stay on track – accelerating our common journey to a sustainable planet, where there’s always somewhere new to explore.

Working closely with global automotive manufacturers, we make customized OEM branded tonneau cover solutions and accessories exclusively for pickup trucks. Our innovative R&D helps our customers to succeed in the development of attractive, functional vehicles for demanding global consumers of pickup trucks.

Our cutting-edge facilities also serve the aftermarket with equally high-quality products. These accessories are available through our large distributor network, which we keep expanding to get closer to all our customers.

How we got here

We’ve come a long way

With 40 years of experience in the automotive industry and many long-lasting OEM relationships, we have been on a long and interesting journey to get to where we are today. Among the things that we’ve learned, is that there are no shortcuts in this business. Quality takes an investment in time and people.

In maturing from a single Danish hub to a global network, we’ve made sure that wherever we are, we do things properly, delivering the same high-quality products and services that we’re globally known and respected for.

As we continue to grow, the competition to be a market leader gets tougher. That’s why we protect our leadership by investing even more time and energy into researching and developing new ideas: From materials and design, from production processes to career paths, we’re always evolving. Innovation is what drives us – and what keeps our customers ahead of the field.

Where we’re going

Experienced pioneers

We share the same mindset as our customers – both our OEM partners and our passionate users: we’re always exploring; finding better ways, pioneering new paths and seeking fresh horizons. We all experience the same sense of accomplishment when exploration leads to new discoveries.

For our OEM customers, we found that by extending our production facilities to Thailand, and getting closer to our Australian market, we could respond better to what our OEM customers there wanted; to create new and better solutions faster. Now, with R&D in both Denmark and Australia, all our customers can get the best of both worlds, built-in or off the shelf: Danish design for Australian extremes.

As suppliers to some of the largest automotive brands in the world, we understand that continuous improvement is vitally important. By listening closely to our major customers, from Japan, USA and Europe, we see the world from many different angles and perspectives. Being responsive to these global insights keeps us going forward, pointing us in exciting new directions for the future.

Bring it on

built to last

The places our products are used are often far from the beaten track. That’s why we build for extremes; so that our gear can handle the harshest environments. Road tested for desert dust, freezing rain and scorching sun, torture tested in the lab for repeated use – and personally tested by thousands of demanding owners around the world – we can confidently say our products are made to last.


Designed in Denmark, where form and function are part of our DNA, and built with the highest quality components – our products can be trusted to do their job, wherever they’re used and whatever the elements dish out.