A partner agreement with Stena ensures clear business benefits

Flexible and more efficient recycling

Competitiveness & circularity

The Danish SME company Mountain Top Denmark, is a market-leading supplier to the global auto industry within development and production of equipment for pickup trucks.

The requirements of the auto industry are high, and in order to live up to international norms and standards, Mountain Top Denmark has archived certifications in both ISO 14001 and IAFT 16949.

Mountain Top Denmark’s customers include a number of the world’s leading car brands.

As participants of UN Global Compact, Mountain Top Denmark has a strong focus on long-term sustainable improvements, with stated ambitions to contribute to the fulfillment of the UN’s global climate goals.

Therefore, are areas such as increased recycling, sorting and active contribution to reduced CO2 emissions by saving on materials and the planet’s resources central to Mountain Top Denmark.

A strong partnership

Climate improvement and competitiveness are and should be compatible.

If you are a market-leader, you have a unique position to help promote a more sustainable way of doing business.

For the goal of increased recycling to be met at Mountain Top, it requires a strong partner who has the skills, resources and
continuously invests in the latest technology, so that as much aluminum will be recycled as possible.

The main drivers for the partnership agreement between Mountain Top Denmark and Stena Recycling lie in the values that the two companies share: resource optimization, efficient systems, responsibility and a focus on promoting green development.

“Mountain Top Denmark has a highly sustainable mindset. And if we are to keep raising the bar, delivering a smaller climate footprint and at the same time strengthen our global market position, it requires a smooth collaboration with a credible partner, where efficient solutions, lean processes and documentation are core elements.”

CEO Henrik Støwer Petersen, Mountain Top Denmark

Streamlining recycling

Mountain Top Denmark has previously had various partners, where the residual waste from the production of aluminum components had to be placed in different containers.

It was not an optimal solution. It was space-consuming with different systems, where the individual employee had to determine whether it was aluminum profiles, plates or small pieces.

In addition, the coordination was time-consuming and partly required the ability of individual employees / operators to sort correctly every day.

Mountain Top Denmark has therefore chosen to enter into an agreement with Stena Recycling. One of the key goals of the
agreement is to facilitate and streamline the recycling process.

With the agreement, there is no need for time-consuming coordination nor any detailed sorting at Mountain Top Denmark.

The overall agreement has created a more lean and simplified process, with now only one container for all aluminum scrap.

Reduced transport less CO2 emissions

Previously, the aluminum scrap was sent from Mountain Top Denmark to the Netherlands to be further processed for
recycling. Now the long distance has also been dropped.

With the partnership agreement, the fine sorting of Mountain Top Denmark’s aluminum scrap takes place just 30 kilometers from Mountain Top Denmark’s factory: at Stena Recycling’s newly established X-ray plant in Roskilde. Avoiding long-distance transport. Reducing the CO2 emissions and thereby Mountain Tops climate footprint even further.

An additional advantage consists in the overview. The total agreement ensures that Mountain Top Denmark can constantly follow the data volumes and recycling rates.

Customers & competitiveness

The stricter climate requirements are finding their way to the automotive industry’s requirements for suppliers and subcontractors, throughout the value chain. Therefore, the ability to be at the forefront of this development is crucial for Mountain Top Denmark.

In relation to customers, Mountain Top Denmark will use the more detailed reporting in future bidding. Traceability and documentation create credibility and ensure competitive advantage.

A better recruitment base

Effective climate efforts are also important internally. In relation to both current and future employees, the ability to document the result of its recycling initiatives is crucial.

It creates pride in everyday life among current employees and a better recruitment base, when we can show what we actively do to promote a more sustainable work environment.

Knowledge sharing through learning

Mountain Top Denmark does a lot to encourage employees to bring forward proposals for resource-minimizing measures.

This is then supported by digital plans, which ensures that these recycling measures do not fail, but on the contrary are implemented quickly and smoothly.

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