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You ARE now ABle to get the worlds #1 roll cover for your US pickup truck in Europe

We have chosen to launch our popular EVOm roll cover on a variety of US truck models in Europe. This means you are now able to fit the toughest, smartest and most secure roll cover on the market on your US pickup truck.

The EVOm US harnesses Mountain Top’s many years of experience with truck bed covers and combines cutting-edge design, second to none quality, and superior protection from the elements.

Born out of 40 years of industry-leading experience and hands-on expertise

Much more than an upgrade

The EVOm US roll cover is born out of 40 years of industry-leading experience and hands-on expertise, it is much more than an upgrade. It is a product that has been re-engineered from the ground up, setting a new standard for all roll covers.m

Adventure, work or just day-to-day chores?

Our unique retractable roll cover helps you get so much more out of your pickup. Imagine picking up the kids from school and heading straight out for a weekend camping at the coast, with Mountain Top you get a stylish design that is built to last.

Built for rough everyday use – at the builders’ market or the beach

Strong, lightweight aluminum roll COVER

Made from strong, durable, lightweight aluminum, our easy to use retractable roll cover adds style and appeal to your pickup. It also increases the practicality of your cargo area without limiting its versatility. With a high level of protection from the elements, your belongings are kept safe and dry inside the truck bed.

If you’re planning on taking extra gear like surf boards or mountain bikes with you, that’s not a problem either: You can easily install cargo racks in the built-in accessory tracks of the tonneau cover – and still have easy access to your truck bed.


Rigorously tested by global carmakers

Our functional design has been factory and field tested for challenging conditions including rough road, vibration, life cycle, humidity and salt spray .​

Built-in Accessory Tracks

All Mountain Top roll covers for US trucks are equipped with built-in accessory tracks allowing for a fast and secure installation of the most common brands of truck bed cross bar systems

Optimal security

The unique design of the cover with no external handle is not only stylish but also provides an additional level of security. The cover can only be opened once the tailgate has been unlocked and opened.

Knife-proof, interlocking aluminum slats

The EVO US roll cover secures the opening of the truck bed. The cover is made of automotive grade high strength aluminum. The new unique hinge design, with interlocking aluminum slats is knife-proof and also impossible to force apart.

Clever Water Management

Water falling onto the cover is drained through a 6-point water management system. Two such points are the side-rails featuring built-in water channels with drainage through the front or rear corners.

Simple and fast installation

Mountain Top knows how to install a retractable tonneau to just about any size or shape truck bed. For the US series, we have developed a unique clamping system which is simple, strong, and fast allowing a fitter to perform an installation in less than an hour.

Weather resistant

Mountain Top’s unique integrated sealing and water drain management systems provide optimal protection against rain and snow.​

Rugged and protected

Built to last using high grade anti-corrosion aluminum with an automotive grade surface treatment.​

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