Mountain Top’s EVO Roll Cover Series set to revolutionize the global roll cover market

Mountain Top, the world’s no.1 manufacturer of retractable roll covers, has launched EVO – the toughest, smartest and most secure roll covers on the market. The new series, which includes both electric and manual roll covers, harnesses Mountain Top’s many years of experience with truck bed covers and combines cutting-edge design, second to none quality, and superior protection from the elements.

EVO comes in two models: the manual EVOm and the electric EVOe. Born out of 40 years of industry-leading experience and hands-on expertise, Mountain Top’s EVO series is much more than an upgrade. The series was re-engineered from the ground up, setting a new standard for all roll covers.

EVO roll covers are designed for adventure and built to last, offering:

“Like our customers, we’re always exploring; finding better ways and pioneering new paths. The EVO series sets a new standard in form and function. By combining sleek design with cutting-edge engineering and advanced safety features, Mountain Top customers know their vehicle will not only stand out, but also stand up to the toughest conditions.”

Henrik Støwer Petersen, Mountain Top CEO

About Mountain Top

With 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, Mountain Top is a global leader in retractable roll covers and truck bed accessories for pickups. Mountain Top is known and respected for its innovative approach to designing and developing high-quality products that combine form and function. From the backyard to the outback, Mountain Top roll covers and accessories inspire and equip the world’s adventurers.

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