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Mountain Top Slide


The Mountain Top Slide is a unique product within its category of pickup bed accessories providing a quality-feel and ease of use that is second-to-none. The slide extracts 70% and the press-handle and roll tracks with industrial grade ball bearings allow for easy slide out and push back.

Mountain Top Slide extends the practicality of your pickup truck. No more crawling or bending over to get hold of tools or heavy cargo. With a simple press and pull on the ergonomic handle, the slide lets you reach your cargo in an upright and comfortable position.

The Mountain Top Slide is made of tough aluminium profiles that ensure a strong yet lightweight design with a load capacity of up to 500 kg.

The functionality of the slide can be further enhanced by adding the optional sidewalls to keep smaller parts in place on the slide, or the eye bolts to secure your load with straps.

The Mountain Top Slide is supplied as original equipment to several pickup brands in Europe and lives up to the high standards set by the automotive industry.



Lightweight aluminium profiles

Integrated fitting channel in profiles

Smooth opening and closing with multiple locking positions

Cross over handle (operational from all positions)

Loading capacity up to 500 kg

Extracts 70% of vehicle bed