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roll cover vs. canopy

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benefits of a tonneau roll cover vs. canopy

Important features you need to think of before buying


Adding a roll cover simply looks better and maintain the authentic pickup truck look. The integrated and streamline design gives your pickup truck a more clean and sporty appearance.


The low profile of a roll cover makes reversing and parking much easier compared to looking through a canopy.


Keep snow and rain out of your truck bed and away from your gear while staying flexible.

accessories compatibility

For extended cargo area, you can easily add a cargo carrier or a tub rack directly into the roll cover’s ClickTechaccessory rails.


The roll covers are made of automotive-grade high strength aluminium. The unique knife-proof hinge design (Evo series) secures your gear against theft. This means you get the same security as a canopy but with more flexibility. It is also important to consider whether you need a truck bed protection where your cargo is completely out of sight. With a roll cover all your cargo is hidden compared to a canopy with windows, this gives you a better security than a canopy. 


A roll cover lets you transport odd sized cargo. Just open the roll cover if your gear doesn’t fit in, unlike a canopy where there is a limit to your cargo size.

Access to truck bed

With a roll cover you get full truck bed usage because you have access from all sides.

a comparison for guide you

Choose the right truck bed solution to keep your load protected and secure

In this comparison we make it easier for you to make the right decision on how to keep your cargo protected and secure. We compare roll cover, soft cover and canopy to find out the benefits of each cover.